Cutting machine

Plastic pipe planetary cutting machine

Planetary Cutter
The planetary cutting machine is composed of guide rail fixed frame, moving frame and rotary assembly, clamping mechanism, cutter feeding mechanism, cutting mechanism and dust collecting mechanism. The whole operation process is automatically controlled by PLC, and the whole cutting action can be realized in two states of "manual" and "automatic". The clamping mechanism adopts advanced clamping claw type clamping, which saves the trouble of changing the clamping sleeve in each state compared with the traditional clamping sleeve clamping. There are two kinds of clamping mechanisms, which are respectively fixed at both ends of the moving frame. Each clamping mechanism is composed of one cylinder and six clamping claws. Under the action of the air cylinder, the six clamping claws are centring and holding the pipe at the same time. The bottom of the saw is equipped with a drag cylinder. By adjusting the flow valve, the speed of the moving frame is synchronized with the pipe production speed. The rotary assembly is equipped with a feed mechanism assembly and a cutting mechanism assembly. The feed mechanism assembly is driven by a motor to rotate the rotary rod, and the nut on the rotary rod pulls the connecting rod to cut the saw blade in the assembly. The milling cutter moves forward and backward to complete the cutter forward and backward action. Two wiring switches are installed on the feed motor bracket. Determine the amount of feed. The cutting mechanism is composed of motor, intermediate pulley, cutting tool, etc. its function is to complete the rotation action and cut the plastic pipe. The main function of the dust collection mechanism is to absorb the chips and prevent the pollution of the working environment.

Knife-Lift Cutter
As an auxiliary equipment of plastic extruder production line, the knife-lift cutting machine is suitable for cutting profile products with width less than 250mm. The cutting machine includes a frame, on which all cutting tables are included. A transmission shaft mounting plate is hinged in the frame, and a saw disk mounting shaft is arranged on the transmission shaft mounting plate, which is fixed with the frame through a knife lifting cylinder; a motor mounting plate is hinged under the transmission shaft mounting plate, and a driving motor is installed on the motor mounting plate, The driving motor is connected with the mounting shaft of the saw plate, and the motor mounting plate is provided with an angle adjusting and locking mechanism through a transmission shaft mounting plate. The center of the saw blade of the utility model can be as close as possible to the table surface of the product when the cutter lifts the cutter, so as to minimize the diameter of the saw blade, improve the utilization rate of the saw blade, reduce the use cost of the saw blade, and the noise of the saw blade operation is small; moreover, the structure is compact and does not affect the future maintenance, and it is very convenient to replace the damaged belt.

No-Dust Cutter
No-dust cutting machine is mainly used in the fixed length cutting of HDPE, PP, PPR and other plastic pipes. Chip free cutting can keep the production environment clean and noise free. The incision is smooth and neat, and the appearance quality of the pipe is improved. Fast switching is suitable for different pipes and materials. It adopts imported PLC control, chip free circular cutting mode and special carbide blade. It is suitable for cutting small and medium-sized plastic pipes. The cutter section is flat and smooth, which can meet the requirements of high-speed cutting. It has the characteristics of long cutting life, low cutting noise and beautiful appearance. The high-speed PE-RT floor heating pipe production line is equipped with a special single screw extruder for polyolefin diameter, which has the characteristics of high-speed extrusion and high-efficiency plasticization. The special designed three co-extrusion die heads and flow channels are reasonable, the inner and outer walls of the pipes are smooth, and the production speed is up to 20 m / min. High efficiency extruder specially designed and manufactured for PERT tube is selected, with unique processing performance design; the production line is equipped with automatic vacuum feeding machine and automatic constant temperature dryer; die: spiral split die, which can be equipped with static mixing system, and the material layers are fully overlapped with each other. Compared with the traditional support die head, the internal pressure is issued more evenly. Two PERT or PEX tubes can be produced simultaneously using a double die. The water tank is made of stainless steel plate with multi-stage water cooling to meet the requirements of high-speed production of thick wall pipe and large-diameter pipe. Two PERT or PEX tubes can be produced at the same time using a double tube vacuum sizing tank. The reducer equipped with high torque is larger than that of ordinary pipe production line. Two models and famous brand frequency converter, programmable controller, touch screen, electric control system and inkjet printer are imported famous brand products. The bus control system of pipe production line, all operations and parameters are displayed on the LCD screen. The temperature control accuracy can reach ± degrees. It has a high degree of automation and has a perfect alarm system. The whole system is simple and stable, which can ensure the high-speed production of PE-RT pipes.