Plastic loader

Plastic powder spring loader

This machine can be used with all kinds of extruders.
It can automatically carry plastic powder into the hopper of molding machine by means of a controller of material level, it can save your labour, and realize the safety and reliability.

一、Technical parameters
型号 Model ZJF-100 ZJF-300 ZJF-700
输送能力 Conveying capacity(kg/h) 100 300 700
料斗容量 Hopper capacity(kg) 100 120 150
弹簧直径 Spring diameter(mm) 30 36 58
最大输送能力 Max. conveying ability(kg/h) 200 450 1000
送料管及弹簧长度 feeding pipe and spring length(m) 3 3-5 3-5
储料箱容量 Storage box capacity(kg) 120 150 200
电机功率 Motor power(kw) 1.1 1.1 1.5
外形尺寸 Dimension(mm) 650*980 650*1162 820*1550
  850*620*740 905*655*840 950*950*960
重量 Weight(kg) 120 150 250

二、Packing and loading

1. Pre-sale consulting by skilled and experienced engineers 
Our sales engineers are with regular training about our product to ensure they have good knowledge to communicate with customer. They are also backed up with our technical department to maximize customer needs and requirements.

2. Overseas offices can provide on-site consultation and service
We have representative in overseas office and ready to service you. Please contact with us to see whether we have office in your country. If no office in your country, our sale engineers may book time to meet with you as they always travelling overseas to meet with customers. Or our after service engineer may also meet with you as they are always doing commissioning overseas.
3. Provide pick up service when visit workshop
Our company is near Shanghai City, with airport and train station nearby. Once customers arrive in Shanghai or other cities nearby, we will provide pick up service. If customers are not clear about how to arrive to our company, please consult with our sales engineers. Our sales engineers will guide you the best way to our company and even book flight or train ticket for you.
4. Whole machines can be highly customized based on requirements
If customers have special requirements, please inform our sales engineers. We can customize the machine to match your needs. Our technical department will also assess the risk and feasibility of the project to protect your benefits.
5. Provide turnkey solution easy to start new business
We not only sell machinery, we provide turnkey solution. Our sales engineer will inform customer auxiliary equipment to start the whole project, together with workshop, water and electricity requirement. We will also provide project feasibility analysis to show how much investment to start the project (raw material, labor, workshop, machinery, etc.) and approximate time to get back the investment. If anything not clear, feel free to contact us.