Plastic formwork production line introduces pipe structure a

The plastic pipe production structure and PE pipe production line in the butt joint process have unique structure, high degree of automation, convenient operation and stable and reliable continuous production. The pipe produced by the plastic pipe production line has moderate stiffness, strength, good flexibility, creep resistance, resistance to environmental stress cracking and good thermal welding performance, and has become a good choice for urban gas pipeline and outdoor water supply pipeline. A detailed description of the gift machine:
       Composition of PE pipe production line: pipe production line is composed of control system, extruder, head, forming cooling system, tractor, planetary cutting device and material turnover frame. Each pipeline line has two extruders, one using a strong delivery sleeve and a high-efficiency screw, the other a smaller extruder for extruding the marking line.
Mould and auxiliary machine: the machine head adopts the newly designed basket type machine head or the spiral split pipe extrusion compound machine head, which has the characteristics of convenient adjustment and uniform discharge.
       PE pipe production line using PE efficient screw, grooving machine cylinder, water jacket cooling capacity, greatly improve the delivery capacity, to ensure efficient extrusion. High torque vertical reducer: DC drive motor. The basket type compound die head suitable for polyolefin processing not only ensures the stability of high efficiency extrusion, but also realizes the stress caused by low melt temperature and pipe quality. The high-efficiency double-chamber vacuum sizing technology and spray cooling water tank are adopted to improve the pipe yield and meet the needs of high-speed production. Multi-track tractor is adopted, the traction is even and stable, each track is driven by an independent ac servo motor, and the driving technology controlled by digital controller realizes precise speed adjustment and high synchronization. The use of high speed precision cutting machine, cutting part of the smooth, and equipped with a powerful chip absorption device, to greatly reduce maintenance work.
Plastic pipe butt process:
First, the principle of hot melt butt joint
       The plastic pipe is cut and heated by a machine to melt the parts of the plastic pipe, and the parts of the two plastic pipes contact each other for a period of time under a certain pressure to achieve the purpose of welding. As the body welding and double ring welding are adopted in the welding process, the inner and outer walls of the pipe form a reinforcing ring at the same time, and the welding strength is greater than that of the plastic pipe body.
Second, the steps of the operation method
       1. Prepare working tools before starting the machine, tighten the fasteners of the whole machine, and check whether the power supply meets the requirements of the machine (AC220, AC380). Milling cutter and the heating plate (adjust the setting temperature to 200-220 ℃), clamping tile whether agree with pipes, machine commissioning is flexible and reliable.
       2. Open the power supply, open the heating plate, heated to 200-220 ℃.
       3. Adjust the pipe, put the plastic pipe or pipe fitting into the matching clip, and put the milling cutter into it, so that the distance between the pipe fitting or pipe fitting and the milling cutter disc is equal (about 30-40mm). Remove the milling cutter disk, tighten the clamping boots, and adjust the center of two pipes or pipe fitting to coaxial. (the circumference deviation shall not exceed 20% of the body).
       4. Hot melt butter. Into the electric heating plate, push forward two pipes or pipe fittings, until melting edge even dissolve 2 mm on either side of the electric heating plate, and then release pressure to 0 mpa, then tighten the pressure to 3, when the electric melting on either side of the plate edge is 4 mm, take out the electric heating plate (pause time of 35 to 60 seconds), fast driving hydraulic cylinder closed two pressure pipeline (adjust the pressure regulator, phi 250 less than 2 mpa, phi 450 no more than 3 mpa), appropriate edges. 110 5.3 mm, that is, 5.3 1.5 = 7.95 minutes. Remember not to force cooling with water. Then, remove the clamp screw and remove the pair connection or pipe fitting. The docking step is completed.
Iii. Characteristics of plastic pipes
       As an important part of chemical building materials, plastic pipe is widely accepted by users for its superior performance, sanitation, environmental protection and low consumption, mainly including UPVC drainage pipe, UPVC water supply pipe, aluminum plastic composite pipe and polyethylene water supply pipe. The pipeline production line is composed of control system, extruder, head, shaping and cooling system, tractor, planetary cutting device and turning frame. Each pipeline line has two extruders, one using a strong delivery sleeve and a high-efficiency screw, the other a smaller extruder for extruding the marking line. When plastic pipe production line failure, will directly lead to plastic pipe surface rough, internal vibration, no vacuum. Therefore, the failure of plastic pipe production line should be eliminated in time to improve product quality.